Massimo Gianolli

Massimo Gianolli – born in Biella on January 21, 1966, in 1980 he began studying in Verona and working in the countryside, in the family lands. In 1988 he was called back to Biella to spend a short period in Prestoleasing SpA (currently, Generalfinance), at the time active in the leasing sector, in order to liquidate it. Since 1990, he has held the position of director and chief executive officer of the Company. In 2005, he decided to launch to “La Collina dei Ciliegi”, a brand born from a project to reconvert the Veronese land to the vine-wine/hotel activity. In 2015, he founded GGH and in 2017 he opened the capital of Generalfinance to the entry of CAI (formerly Creval).