Massimo Gianolli was born in Biella in 1966.

In 1980 he started studying in Verona and working in the countryside in his family’s lands.

In 1988 he came back to Biella to work, for a short period of time initially, at Prestoleasing Spa (today Generalfinance Spa) – the financial company founded by his father – to arrange its liquidation. Since the beginning, Massimo had proved to have willingness, team spirit and great entrepreneurial abilities. And, instead of liquidating the company, he reconverted its business from leasing to factoring. Thanks to his skills, Massimo soon held roles of responsibility: he now fulfils his duties as President and Ceo both of Generalfinance Spa and Generalbroker Srl, the company, specialised in insurance broking, that he founded with his father back in 1991.
In 2005, he started La Collina dei Ciliegi, the brand he created reconverting his lands in Verona into a winery and hotel.
In 2013 he opened the CLUB SkyLounge VIP La Collina dei Ciliegi at the San Siro Stadium in Milan: for the first time, football matches and concerts are complemented by a space where great wines meet the creations of Michelin-starred chefs.
In 2015 he founded Gruppo General Holding Srl.
In 2017 Massimo opened up the capital of Generalfinance to CREVAL. In 2018 he inaugurated the resort Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat and launched Supervalpantena: 23 Ha of innovative vineyards. They are both part of the group La Collina dei Ciliegi. At present, the group relies on 90 collaborators and the turnover of Generalfinance exceeds 600 million euros.