Factoring for solvent companies

Generalfinance offers:
• assessment of the reliability of the customer portfolio, or prospect;
• credit of trade receivables before they mature;
• credit administration, management and collection;
• assistance during credit collection;
• non-payment risk (assigned debtor, optional).

• positive outcome on the company’s liquidity and resultant enhancement of the financial statement;
• fixed cost, given by the structure and the expertise needed for managing trade receivables in the company, are replaced by a variable cost related to the volume of assigned assets;
• improved credit collection times;
• credit losses due to insolvent debtors are reduced thanks to better information on clients and more effective management of existing claims.

Accessible tool also for companies having:
• medium and medium low ratings;
• insufficient capitalization/capitalisation;
• start-ups.

Factoring for distressed companies

For its own nature, factoring is suitable for operations injecting capital into companies that are about to present a bankruptcy petition (bridge financing) or that are already subject to bankruptcy proceedings (for example, extraordinary administration procedures). By adopting specific measures, on a going concern basis, it is possible to support companies during their reconstruction and reorganization.

Generalfinance offers:
• expertise and availability to address entrepreneurs, professionals, banks and bankruptcy courts;

• assessment of the credit and client portfolio to evaluate which lines are necessary to make the plan sustainable;
• credit of trade receivables in circumstances making Generalfinance’s operations secure (for example, including the “GENERALFINANCE ACTION PLAN” among the operations planned/ongoing in the reconstruction plan, in the recovery plan or the extraordinary administration plan).

• meticulous and systematic management of account receivables reducing outstanding arrears;
• increased protection of trade receivables from any possible foreclosure order;
• valorization of credits and creation of capital to ensure continuity;
• better relations with the bankruptcy courts.

For companies:
• subject to bankruptcy proceedings (for example, Art. 67 of the Italian bankruptcy law, 182 Bis of the Italian bankruptcy law, Debt restructuring agreement, Extraordinary administration);
• having presented a bankruptcy petition;
• turnover > € 10.000.000;
• NewCo.


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